Tuesday, October 18, 2011


After months of the anguish of trying to grow Kaylen's hair longer, we finally hit a milestone this morning. LOOK!

She has ponytails!!

And I have a much, much older looking child. It's wild and crazy how changing her glasses and hair style have changed how she looks.

Adorable. If I do say so myself and well...since she is my mini-me, I'm going to say it. Again. ADORABLE! :)

How did the long hair experience begin? A friend of hers in kindergarten had long blonde hair and thus began her love affair with long, blonde hair. Oh wait. That's not true. Long blonde hair was a big deal from her from about 18 months on when only blonde hair dolls would do. It was disturbing for me but we made it through that odd, odd stage. Anyway.....Ella brought the love of long hair into reality for Kaylen.

I took a long, deep breath and agreed to let her grow it out. It. Has. Driven. Me. Crazy.

I do not like long hair. I do not like long hair on little girls. I know. I'm in the minority but I'm ok with that. It's fine as long as their hair stays neat and tidy but that means the little girl is not running around being a child. Messy long hair? Drives me nuts.

Kaylen's hair is thick. Unruly. Wavy. Curly. It's hard to handle. There have been some days I have fought the urge to put something akin to scorpion helmets on her just to hide the mop of messy hair.

But today. Oh but today! Today we put in pony tails and I see the allure of longer hair. She looks sooooo cute!

But you know what happened last night? Kaylen informed me that she doesn't want to grow it long anymore because *insert drum roll here* Ella cut off her long hair and is now sporting a short bob! So now? Now she wants a bob.

Did you know that differences in hair texture is a topic that is completely lost on a 6 year old? You do now. Oy.

Our hairstylist really wanted to do a bob last time Kaylen was in for a trim but she didn't want Kaylen to freak out of it felt shorter. Any guesses what I will be taking her in for once she returns from Disneyland? :)

But oh, oh, oh....she is so cute with ponytails. :)


Lisa said...

Very cute and addorable :)

Tanya said...

Cute little piggies. I couldn't stand J squinting anymore becuase of his long bangs, and he finally agreed they were bugging him too, so I chopped them 2 nights ago. A little shorter then I was hoping, but in 4wks they'll be fine. That will teach him to move when I'm cutting.