Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eye Doctor Revisited....Again

Kaylen had her three month recheck at the eye doctor again. The best of the best news is that the patching is working!!! Her eyes are beginning to work as a team and the eye doctor was very pleased with her progress. She has a ways to go yet but it's progress! Her depth perception went from being able to find 3 things on his special chart (with special 3D glasses)in July to being able to find all NINE today! Numbers 7, 8, and 9 were hard won but SHE DID IT!

I am so proud of her!

The not so great news is that she once again needs a stronger prescription. Since her lenses are starting to resemble coke bottles (which, in turn, magnify her eyes), I'm having them use the high end lenses which will squash it down and reduce the magnification of her eyes without affecting the correction. It's worth it. I remember when she got her first pair and I learned of where she is heading; that eye doctor suggested we start a savings account to help offset the cost of the more expensive lenses. As he said "Glasses aren't tease-worthy anymore but magnified eyes will definitely put her in the line of teasing." This is why both eye doctors have recommended I think about contacts for her once we get down the road a bit. I'm not sure where I land on that topic. Time will tell.

Kaylen had her eyes super dilated today, too. After 40 minutes we went back for the second part of the exam. They had one of those fancy schmancy eye computers measure her eyes and then he gave her another exam. It revealed just a tiny bit of a difference between the non-dilated exam and the dilated one. I'm glad he did the dilation though - always better to have a good idea of where we are heading. Kaylen was a trooper and even though the eye doctor had warned she would want to go home and veg out after her appointment, my little rock star insisted on going back to school. She is an amazing little girl and I am so, so proud of her!

We will be back at the eye doctor in three more months for another recheck. Good thing I really like her eye doctor (he is so great with her!) because I have a feeling I am going to be seeing a lot of him. :)


sally said...

Casey, isn't your daughter blessed to have a Mom who stays on top of her needs. Good for you.

Audra said...

That is so great that the patching is working for her, i know it was a struggle to get her to do it, and I'm sure it can still be a struggle, but yay!