Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time Flies

Well now...for all my talk about posting more often in the new year, I sure have failed. It's August now and I have posted what? A handful of times? I could apologize but what's the use? Ever since Facebook came along, blogging has taken a back seat. Facebook is just so easy. A few sentences and I've updated everyone about everything. A blog post means I have to sit down and think. Plus, my iPad and phone deal with all the capilatization for me. Though honestly, I do miss a regular keyboard. Ah - such is life in the first world. :) The summer has flown by. The kids went on a trip of a lifetime with Dakota and Vicki and I have to admit, I'm a bit envious of their time in Washington DC and Virginia. NOT envious of the humidity they endured but the thing is, the kids never said a word about it. I only heard that miserable detail from Dakota. I'm glad I didn't have to deqal with higher humidity than we have right here at home. It is miserable enough for me. And good heavens do I miss my entire house a/c. The window units at both ends of the house help but it is SO not the same. Some day, maybe. But I digress. What else is new, right? Washingto DC. The kids LOVED their trip there, which I think is awesome. I'm not sure if they say anything like a 2012 silver eagle but one never really knows. I sent cameras with them but so far, the shots I've seen are all picures of things - none with them. Dakota is putting together a book of photos for them so at least I will be able to see that. Another sucky thing about being divorced. Missing out on sharing memories with the kids.

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