Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wedding Ramblings

Our wedding is in less than three months. While we have done a lot of things, there is still plenty to do. I'm nervous about the whole thing and would be just as happy to have a small, private ceremony at the court house but Stephanie really wants the whole sha-bang. I can understand completely but understanding doesn't help my anxiety level. The wedding isn't where it is for me....for me, I just want to be married to my love. The wedding is one day. The marriage, I pray, is forever. One things we still need to do is find rings we like. We want them to go with our current rings but not be too big. I don't like big, show-off type rings. I'm more low key than that and thankfully, so is Stephanie. I have looked at some designs of wedding rings online and have a good idea of what we are looking for. We just need to do it. Three months isn't that far away. The six months between when she proposed and now have flown by.

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