Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainy Monday

The rains arrived late yesterday evening and they have been steadily falling ever since.  We all slept with our windows open a little so we could enjoy the sounds.  The kids thought it was so cool and it dawned on me, as they went on and on about how great it was, I had never opened their bedroom windows on a rainy night at the other house.  I wonder why. 

Today was the first day of rain on a school day for this school year.  The tension was thick as Kaylen grappled with having to walk down the road in the rain after school.  I gave her an umbrella but she still isn't liking it.  I guess it IS a lot different than jumping off the bus and running up the driveway to the dry warmth of the house like she has done in years gone by.  That's for sure.

It was a three day weekend for the kiddos.  Friday was a teacher in-service day so the last three days at the house were full of noise, chaos, laughter, arguments, messes everywhere, etc.  Today, after they all were off for the day, I came back and cleaned the house.  It's serene, calm, clean.....quiet.  A nice change - even though I do miss the kids being home.  Still - there is an upside to them being at school.  It's quiet enough that I can hear myself think.  :)

This Friday is Book Fair set up.  It feels surreal to me.  I'm used to book fair being in early March so needless to say, the timeline is kind of messing with me.  Next week is conference week and book fair week.  I am working several mornings at the book fair and then the kids will be out of school for the day at 11:15am.  A whole new mindset.  I'm still not clear on the thoughts behind book fair during conference week but apparently it is because most of the business will come from parents after conferences.  As, as opposed to our last school, kids are encouraged to be in attendance for the conference.  Personally, I think that is odd since it seems to be that the adults will have a difficult time really discussing the child in question.  There are questions I want to ask that I don't want asked in front of them.  Ugh.  Again, it's different here.

Oh- and I don't yet know what day the kids conferences will be.  I'm hoping that info comes home today.

Time for another cup of coffee.....and time to enjoy the quiet.  :)

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