Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday - Again

Where is the sun? Seriously. This overcast, rainy, cold stuff is killing me. And if you knew how much I complained about it this morning, you would know it is not killing me softly. It's killing me loudly. Very, very loudly.

It's hard to get motivated on days like this. I have so much to do - both workwise and house upkeep wise and today all I really wanted to do was crawl under the covers and nap. I work-worked, of course, because it is what absolutely needed to be done, but the laundry hasn't been started and the house, while decent enough, is far from my usual standard.

The lawn needs to be mowed but it is just too dang wet for that. I'm sure by the time it is dry enough, I will need to pony up funds for the neighbor kid to mow it because once it gets too long, my body can't handle the stress of trying to get through it - not to mention hauling catcher after catcher of wet grass to the yard waste bin.

My physical To Do list is a bit overwhelming right now. I can tell because the past week I have been so incredibly tired I can't barely stand myself during the day. Sleep is hit and miss, as it always is, but that usually doesn't leave me feeling as exhausted as I feel right now.

My mental To Do list is gigantic. So much is ahead of me. All good - just a lot. The sun would help. It's hard to believe that last weekend was in the mid 80's and this weekend was solidly in the 60's. As hot as I was, I preferred the warmer temps.

For a fun part of the To Do's...the kids, Stephanie and I have been doing a bunch of flower planting and "sprucing up" of the front porch out at Stephanie's. The covered porch is large enough to have chairs, a cement bench and several flower pots (and a dog bed) so Stephanie and I have been spending time on it enjoying being together outside. Even on the days when it is raining - which rocks. Stephanie admitted that she has probably spent more time on the front porch in recent weeks then she has in the 13+ years she has lived in the house. I like that we have created an oasis of sorts. I have plans swimming in my head for the house - little changes that will add up. It will take time (and money) so it will be a slow go but I'm excited about it all.

Life is definitely moving in the right direction. :)

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