Monday, April 16, 2012

Manners 101

I'm having a tough time getting motivated this morning so I thought I would kill a bit of time before starting my work day (and goodness knows I have enough work sitting here to keep me busy all day long). I kind of feel guilty for not just jumping in and getting down to the nuts and bolts of it all but then I remembered that when I went to an office every day for work, more times than not I spent the first 30-60 minutes "getting ready to work". Checking email, sucking down a cup of coffee, wandering out to check my mailbox, etc. I guess this isn't much different so I'm working hard on letting go of my guilt because well...the work is going to get done. It has to. I'm the only one to do it. :)

Anyhoo.....I'm killing time by sucking down my glass of milk and reading all the blog posts that went up over the weekend. I do so LOVE the blogs I have on my reader. They are written by strong, take no shit from anyone, moms and they never fail to speak to me on some level.

This morning, two of the blogs centered around manners. Ah yes...manners. The common courtesy we should all extend to each other on a daily basis. Manners are a big deal to me. Be polite. Show up on time. Say Please. Say thank you. Chew with your mouth closed. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Hold doors for other people. Clean up after yourself. Go out of your way to help someone. The list goes on and on.

My friend, Carrie, writes one of the best blogs around. She is a Southern Girl and calls it like she sees it. She used to live in my town and I know her from the MOMS Club I belonged to once upon a long time ago. I regret not getting to know her well during the time she was here. I was *very* pregnant with Kaylen when she joined and by the time I pulled my head out of the insane world of "OH.MY.GOD. WHAT. HAVE. I. DONE. TO. MY LIFE?" with a new baby who had off the chart sensory issues, an increasingly out of control three year old (who was the world's sweetest 0-3 year old) and defacto-single parenting when D went to law school (and because of A and B, I all but stopped going to MOMS Club. Ironic because that is when I needed support the most but sought it out the least), she had moved away. I caught up with her again when she friended me on Facebook. An action that I am profoundly grateful for because she never, ever fails to make me feel like I am doing an ok job, that I am not alone and that we, as single moms, can indeed make a good life for our kids.

Ok so - looooong story short; Carrie posted a fantastic blog about manners. I do hope you will pop over and give it a read.

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Carrie said...

Thanks for the shout out, girlie! I too wish we had been able to be closer before I moved away, but Facebook is better than nothing! :)

XOXO - Carrie