Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ok seriously...the changes to Blogger?  Not so sure I am all over them.  But then - I don't so much dig change and especially not when it is sprung on me.

What?  They didn't spring it on me?  They have had a blurb up for about 6 weeks that changes were coming and hit *this* button if you want to enact the changes now?  Why yes.  I saw that.  But hell no I didn't want the changes enacted immediately.  Let's revisit the point I made earlier....you know, the one about not digging changes?  Yeah - that one.  *sigh*

So today I hit my bookmark to take me to my posting dashboard and *this*  THIS is what it looks like?  (Yeah yeah - I know you can't see it but if you have a Blogger blog you know what I'm talking about.)  Me no like.  Seriously.

Sure....yes....absolutely....I will adjust.  I will learn my way around and in about 1, 2..oh who am I kidding...6 MONTHS, I will finally accept it.

Why must they change things that already work perfectly fine?  Sure...more options.  Shinier, brighter.....blah blah blah.

And yet...didn't I post something just last week about learning to roll with the tides?  Go with the flow?  Sheesh, Universe...it was NOT an invitation to test me.  You would have thought I would have learned that by this point in my...uummm.... 47 years of life.  So many times when I put something out there, I find I am tested almost immediately.  Let's say, for instance, the simple, seemingly harmless phrase "Give me patience."  I no longer say that because, like a lightning bold out of the blue, I will be placed in a situation were EXTREME patience is called for.  A learning opportunity, if you will.  Only thing is.....I don't want to LEARN patience, I just want to have it.  Learning it requires practice and practice requires people and situations that piss me off.  Who needs that??  Not me, thankyouverymuch.

I remember once upon a time, a long time ago, I made the simple statement "I wish I had 6 weeks off to just lay around and do nothing."  I kid you not...within the week I had broken my back and guess what?  Was told to do nothing, absolutely nothing,  for 6 weeks.  WTF, people?  Right then and there I decided that I needed to be VERY careful with what I asked for and how I asked for it.  I now qualify statements such as that as "I wish I had a whole week to be at the beach relaxing and having fun."  Not just being at the beach because sure - I can get to the beach but then my car might break down, or my wallet might be stolen.  I clearly have to be more specific about having fun and relaxing.  Judge me all you want.  I know what works.  :)

Huh.  I seem to have gotten off on a tangent unrelated to the Blogger changes.  That happens....often....doesn't it?  Casey's on a rant again - let's just sit back and watch how her scary mind works and where we will eventually end up.  Goodness knows it won't be a point A to point B trip...nope, we'll be stopping at Q, Y, X and C along the way and none of it will make any sense if you go back to point A and try to connect the dots.

That's the fun of being me.  :)  You never know what you are going to get.  It could be a blog having to do with an overbed table (which I think would be way cool, just so you know.  And oh hey - that just might be exhibit S in the "random thought process" equation.) which then morphs into something PTO related and then that feeds into something I did this weekend and from there.....well...you get the idea.  I'm a "connect the dots" game but in my world, the dots aren't even numbered or lettered.  Just random...flittering here and there.  But when you take the pencil off the page and stand back to look you get......oh hell, who am I kidding?  You get a big ol' mess of lines that look more like a toddler's first drawing than something that resembles a masterpiece. 

And yet you all just keep coming by to read what I write.

So who is the crazy one exactly?  :)

So the changes to the Blogger Dashboard.  Blah.  And if you think I'm going to take the time to watch the tutorial?  Well...clearly you don't know me At. All.  :)


Michelle said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I ignored the blurb, too. And now that the changes have been forced on me, it's not a good time to be learning new tricks.

Found your blog doing a search to figure out what happened to my Blog List and if there's any way to get it back the way I want it.

Shannon said...

I didn't even see the blurb! lol

Anonymous said...

((((((Casey))))))) Time solves most problems. Love to all
Lynn and Di