Thursday, September 06, 2012

Check out this fancy schmancy Epiphone Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Electric Guitar.  And it can be yours for the teeny tiny asking price of $1165.00. 


Now I know guitars, good ones, are not inexpensive but holy heck - that is some price tag, dontcha think?

Good thing I'm not in the market for an electric guitar.  :)  If I were, I'd probably go for an affordable gibson copy because why not, right?  Copies are good.  It's not like I'm a professional musician.  If I were, I just might pony up the $1165.  :)

Why am I looking at guitars?  Good question.  Sucha  good question that I have no good answer except "because".  You know, that famous answer that drives parents INSANE when a child give it.  "Because is NOT an answer."  We all say in response.

But it's it?  I mean.  It IS an answer.  Just not a good one.  :)

So....because.  That's the answer.  Because I can.


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