Thursday, September 06, 2012

An Update

So - the kids have been in school for one week plus one day.  Today was the first day there were no comments about "I wish I didn't have to go to school."  or "I miss Crestline."  Today, both kiddos got up happily, took care of what they needed to take care of, and got themselves ready and into the car without so much as a cross word to each other, or me.


This week, I started driving them in the mornings.  It allows for a slower pace and, I believe, less stress and anxiety for Kaylen.  She HATES the school bus.  I can't say I blame her.  It is a 30 minute drive to school and a 45 minute ride home (I have NO idea why it takes so much longer.  They aren't the last stop in the morning but somehow, they end up being second to last at the end of the day.)  That's a long time to be on a hot, crowded, noisy bus.  I agreed to take them most mornings and then pick them up one day each week which seems to be going well.  (The pick up lane at the schools is a nightmare!  I picked them up yesterday and was sooo frustrated.  Plus I have to go through the lanes at both the school (Kaylen is in the primary school (K-2) and on the other end of the property is the intermediate school (3-5) for Kelton.  Different buildings, different rules, different picture days, different lunch rooms, different principals...etc.)

Last week we battled the "No one likes me.  I have no friends.  I hate that we moved.  I hate this school.  I want to go back to Crestline." with Kaylen.  Kelton seems to be rolling with it well and is making friends.  Apparently, being a new 5th grader is much easier than being the new kid in 2nd grade.  Or maybe it's the boy vs. girl thing.  Maybe it's just my high anxiety daughter.  I don't know.

This week, day by day, she is talking more and more of new friends, and today I heard the words "Best friend" in conjunction with someones name.  Yesterday I learned she eats lunch with "all the girls".  I walked her to her door the past couple mornings and I have watched as more of the girls flock to her side when she arrives.  It does this mommy's heart good to see that!

I won't lie.  Moving, and starting a new school, has been a hard transition.  Yesterday, our former district started back and I was hit a few times during the day with strong pangs of missing *my* friends at school, roaming around a building I know and had the ability to come and go from as I wanted.  I was at the house picking up a few boxes (yes - I still have stuff I am dealing with there - anyone want to come help me finish?  My back is slowing me down more than I want.) and the school bus drove by.  Apparently, no need to stop at the end of my driveway this year.  Last year, at the beginning of the school year, there were 7 kids.  By the end, there were three.  Those three (my two and another) moved over the summer.  So strange to have the bus filled with familiar faces drive by me without stopping to pick up my two.  So yes, this has been difficult, and continues to be, for all three of us.  But we are settling in and finding our place....bit by bit.

It's a good thing I don't smoke.  I'm pretty sure the stress would have me smoking a lot.  I would probably need to look into those electronic cigarette's with the famous smoke free shipping.  It's also a good thing I'm not a big drinker because seriously?  There are some days I would like to pour a big, stiff drink.  Instead, to deal with the stress, I put on my jammies, pull out a comfy blanket, turn on the TV, and curl up on the couch.  Come to think of it - that has become a routine every single night this week.  Stressed much?  Naaaaaah.  :)  Hey - at least I found a good way to deal with it, right?

Anyway.....things are moving along.  Step by step.  One day, sometimes one minute, at a time.

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Mimi said...

my granddaughter is in first grade and she is on the bus for 1 1/2 hours every lets out at 3:50 and she gets home at 5:15 ....and every morning the bus is late......she is supposed to pick up at 8:40 and the bus shows up around 9:10 to 9:15 and school starts at 9:20 so that means that whole school bus is late every day....whats going to happen in bad weather????