Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Day Before School

What a whirlwind summer it has been.  Or...rather...should I ask "It was summer?  When?  How did I  miss it?"

School starts tomorrow.  Classes at the elementary school start at 8AM, which means Kelton and Kaylen will be getting on the school bus at 7:15.  Yes, you read that right.  7:15am.  That is SO not funny.  But that's life in the country...and in the new school district.

For their parts, they are excited, anxious, and nervous.  For my part?  Yeah - exactly the same.  This is a new world we have entered.  New people.  New everything.  It's scary...and exciting.  My anxiety is running high so I can totally understand the mini-explosions the kids seem to be having today.  We know it will be ok but still - it's nerve racking.

But back to summer.  We spent all summer cleaning out, packing up, pulling up old flooring and laying new, painting, etc.  It's been one thing after another after another and it isn't over yet.  We have a lot of my house moved but there is still way too much left to do.  We need to get the swing set over, the washer and dryer, the freezer, the trash compactor.....the garage hasn't been dealt with and there are still plenty more things to box up.  And then there is the cleaning.  I have to say, I am shocked as how much crap gets under things in 10 years.  The massive amount of small toys that were under the computer cabinet, the entertainment center, beds, etc.  It's overwhelming.  Thank God I have a really good friend who is helping me - and keeping me sane.  Ingrid, I don't know what I'd do without you.  :)

I ran some errands today and I noticed the leaves are changing color and starting to fall.  Autumn.  It's crazy.  I had plans to take the kids to the beach for at least a day this summer.  My dream was overnight but at least for a full day.  We didn't make it.  I'm hoping we can go in the coming weeks before it gets too cold to enjoy it.  In my far away dreams, I think of beach vacation rentals from BeachHouse.com and wonder if we could find a good deal to be able to spend a weekend.

I need to get to the beach.  Soon.  I need to re-energize because I am severely lacking energy.  Both Stephanie and I are.  It's been weeks of hard, hard work.  But the payoff is pretty amazing!  We have beautiful bamboo floors in.  A new kitchen floor, fresh paint (inside and out), the roof has been repaired in the few places we needed and there are new gutters to be attached in the coming week.  We have worked hard and made this house into a real home.  Sure - the boys are sharing a room, which neither one will admit to enjoying (but something that the late night whispering and giggling will attest to) and we are still working out kinks in rules, etc. but it is all coming together.

Slowly but surely.  It is all coming together.

And tomorrow, the first day of school, is a whole new beginning for everyone.

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