Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Flooring Is In!

Finally!!!  After weeks of waiting, the flooring has finally arrived.  It feels like Christmas morning.  :)  Stephanie and I sat outside this morning planning out how the next few days are going to go.  We are installing it ourselves (because the price of having someone do it vs doing it ourselves was something crazy like four and a half  times the amount!)

I looked at her, over my steaming cup of coffee this morning,  with a silly grin on my face.  She looked back and said "I am soooooo excited!"  "Me, too!!!!!!!"  I said.  This is more fun than a Christmas gift of all the ipod nano accessories in the world.  :)

I cannot wait to get started putting in the floor.  And once the bedrooms are in, we can start moving the kids bedrooms so we can get them all squared away in their spaces.  And from there - it will be a lot of sweat and work but we will merge the two houses and create our new life.

I cannot wait!!!


Mimi said...

Did we move into a new house or did we move into Stephanie house in the country?

Froggymama said...

Very happy for you! xoxo