Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Rings and Commitments

Merging houses, and lives.  It's like marriage without the diamond ring engagement part.  But then, we already have the whole engagement ring thing down and have for a long, long while.  Yes, it's true.  She asked and I said yes.  A very long time ago.  That really shouldn't surprise anyone.  :)

We're waiting to have any sort of ceremony though because eventually we will be able to be legally married.  Until then, we know the depths of our love and commitment and that is good enough for us.  For now.  Because eventually, we will make it legal.

True.  It's "just a piece of paper" but it's a very important piece of paper. 

Come on, Washington State.  Let's get this thing rolling!


Audra said...

yay :)

Anonymous said...

Did you also move from Oregon?

Casey said...

I have never lived in Oregon. I was born and raised and still reside, in Washington State.