Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Ramblings - but what else is new? :)

I was cleaning out my dresser drawers the other day, which is always bitter sweet.  Most people keep clothes in their dresser drawers but not me.  I mean, I do, of course, it's just that I keep other things in there as well.  Pictures and notes the kids have given me over the years, their baby teeth that they think they surrendered to the Tooth Fairy, their favorite pacifiers from days long gone, pictures, and other sentimental things.

I came across some of the jewelry that I received after my mom died.  It's nothing of monetary value but high in sentimental value.  A locket there, a gold cross here, a watch, and a couple lapel pins.  I know that it is in my dresser - I keep it there so I always know where they are - but still, coming across the envelope of things tends to stop me in my tracks.

I still, after almost 6 years, have a hard time wrapping my head around my mom being dead.  June will mark a full year since my dad died.  I miss them.  I miss knowing they are in the world. 

But life goes on, does it not?  Every day taking us a bit further from the days they walked the earth.  It's sad - some days overwhelmingly sad,  but life does tend to balance out the sad with the happy.  And I am happy more than I am sad.  I guess that's really all I can ask for.

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