Monday, February 08, 2016

I'm still here. Lost but deep in thought at the same time.  I just wish answers were clear as to what I need to do.  Well.......the answer to what needs to happen is clear but the path...I can't even begin to visualize.

Emotional abuse.
Mental abuse.
Financial abuse.
Narcissistic personality.

I can see them now and I am better at deflecting it but this is no way to keep living.

My kids are my primary concern.  They seem ok.  She is nice to them and doesn't dismiss them the way she does with me,

And still.  Oh and still.


Caroline said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Have you thought about seeing a therapist? Processing everything with someone might be a good idea. Hang in there.

Shannon said...

So sorry you're going through this. I agree with what Caroline said. Some guidance from a therapist may help.

Casey said...

A therapist is next on my list. My new insurance card and info finally arrived today and I have a couple names that I need to check out to see if they are part of my new plan. I've been waiting for a few months to be in the position of being able to find someone. It's time.

It's beyond time.

I saw someone two years ago but it wasn't a good fit. He was doing his internship (the state coverage was pretty bad so interns are who is provided for that plan. I felt like I knew as much "theory" as he did. I need a better fit and someone I can trust. I've never been extremely successful with therapists because we reach a point where we end up talking methodology. I'm very good at taking the focus off me. I need someone who can steer it back. :) however this time......I have some pretty big things to process and figure out so I'm pretty eager to meet with someone. Clearly. Because I'm just sitting her rambling in the comment section, *sigh*

Kerry said...

Rambling helps the thought process.

Kelly said...

It's been a month since you last wrote. Hello. We are still here for you to listen, for you to know you have a community. Hugs!