Friday, February 08, 2013

It's Been a Week...a Very Rough Week

Have I mentioned that it's been a week unlike the usual?  I'm guessing that if you follow me on Facebook, you have been right there with me in the trenches.  The sight of seeing my beloved Crestline in flames - destroyed absolutely and completely is heart stopping and....well...heart shattering. 

That Sunday morning, as we all stood across the street watching it burn was surreal.  So dream like.  The tears we all cried.  The hugs being given freely and without reservation.  I'm pretty sure fire trucks are equipped with ekg machines at for just that reason.

The stress and utter disbelief filled every bit of air space.  Families standing around in their pajamas and slippers, teachers in various types of clothing - clearly just tossed on when word of the fire was received.

I can't begin to explain it to give it the power that those hours held for everyone.  The tears of gratitude when the special ed teacher learned her portable was still standing (though we would later learn it was all but destroyed due to the fire retardant they sprayed on everything not burning to keep the fire from jumping).  The tears of children unsure what all this really meant.  The fear of the teachers and other staff for what it did mean. The whispers of "Now what?"  The stoic ones who tried their best to be philosophical about it all but who, days later, were in as rough shape as everyone else.

Yes indeed.  A week unlike most. 

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