Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Music Related Post

I know these music posts seem random - especially considering all that is happening in my life but just bear with me.  I have tons of random thoughts flying around my head these days and one of those thoughts is what, if any, instrument Kelton will choose to play next year. 

Apparently, in middle school, there are electives which are not optional.  Music or Choir seem to be two.  Andrew did not play an instrument in the 5th grade but in the 6th he was made to choose an elective.  He chose music.  The drums, specifically.  I came to learn that also means the bell kit.  Which is not inexpensive.

Truth is - it appears no instrument is inexpensive.  I see this as a potential issue in a few months when I will have to, once again, try to make the budget expand to cover yet another expense.

Maybe he will choose the clarinet though I'm trying to remember if I have seen boys playing that particular instrument at concerts.  But if he does, that will mean purchasing extra clarinet reeds because I remember back in my band days that clarinet players were always talking about their reeds.  Breaking them, and what not.

My guess is he will want to follow in Andrew's footsteps and play the drums.  I am kind of hoping he takes up choir.

No matter what he picks though - in just a few short years I'll be sitting here again wondering what Kaylen will choose to do.  For her though I think choir will be a slam dunk.  The girl loves to sing....and she is pretty darn good at it too.  :)

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Karen Burch said...

My son started playing in fifth grade. He was matched to the trombone by his music teacher, which is a great fit since he plays by ear, and he can hear the difference in what the note is supposed to sound like. We purchased the trombone through a music program that allows us to make monthly payments. Our school also had loaner instruments for students whose parents can't afford to buy them new. Craigslist is also an option, although you would have to buy outright, the overall cost is lower.

We aren't looking forward to upgrading his instrument, which will probably need to happen next year. The cost triples for the next level of trombone.

One of the long term benefits, however, is that he will have a really good chance of getting a scholarship to college if he keeps playing. To this end, and at his request, we also got him private lessons (which are very reasonable) to help him progress. Of course, we are lucky enough to be able to afford it.

Good luck with the choices. I hope he enjoys whatever he chooses to do.