Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Daughter vs the Dragon that is School

Ok.  If middle school doesn't start off great next year, I am pulling Kaylen out and will home school her through someplace like Connection Academy online school.

I can not, and will not, go through another year where all hell breaks loose every afternoon because she has had a bad day at school and hates school and school is the worst thing EVER, and the anger at the world, etc.

I never, ever thought I would say this but her sensory issues from age 2 years until....well.....last year for a lot of things and still going on for others were way easier to deal with than her pure hatred of school this year.  It is putting me through the ringer and I have had it.  Four more weeks to go.

For all that is good and holy; let this school year be over.
There has not been a single day when she has come home and said she has had a good day.  Her teachers and beyond shocked by what I tell them goes on from pick up time until....well...usually 5 or 6.  All they see is a very happy child, excited about learning, always willing to help, etc.

I see a girl who works so hard to keep it together at school that she implodes upon getting into the car.

So. Much. Fun.   NOT!  I'm whipped.  I'm beat.  I can't take it any more.  I seriously think I am going to have a nervous breakdown.

Crafts usually calm her down but not today.  Today she is melting down all over the place over the smallest thing not going right.  💔

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Elizabeth said...

At least summer is coming :-)